Cleaning of Glass Facades

Al-Ayadi al-lameah company for cleaning services

How are glass surfaces cleaned?

One of our most important services at Al Lameah Cleaning Services Company
Cleaning the glass facades, because when the glass facades are cleaned with high precision, the building will be given preference and draw in the eyes of the client the luxury and sophistication of the place
Because if attention is not paid to cleaning the glass facades, this will cause distortion of the exterior appearance of the building, especially since the glass alone is affected very greatly by external factors such as dirt and dust, which affects the aesthetics of the building completely.
Therefore, the glass facades of companies, buildings, etc. must always be maintained
Therefore, this work requires a lot of accuracy, craftsmanship, and specialized complete equipment. Therefore, we trained the staff of Al-Lameah Cleaning Services Company in the best advanced ways to face all the risks of cleaning at heights, and we took all public safety precautions that guarantee security and safety for all our employees in the House Cleaning Company. 

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