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Steps and tips to quickly clean your entire home

House cleaning is always an apartment task for a housewife, so we wanted to inform you, Madam, of some things that will make you finish cleaning your house as quickly as possible and without any trouble.

– The first of these tips is not to completely clean a room and then move to the next room, as this method consumes a very large amount of time. To reduce time, it is preferable to do one task in the whole house, then the next task, and so on. This method makes you think about moving quickly, so you clean the entire house, and you do not find yourself focusing on cleaning a specific place, so you waste a lot of time in it. Also, this method will make you move more than what is considered a sport for your body at the same time.

The second tip is that when doing a task, always start from the top left to the bottom right. For example, when cleaning dust, brush it from the upper shelves on the left to the floor on the right. This way you ensure that dust does not transfer from the upper areas to the cleaned areas below.

1- Dust cleaning

Dust every room completely, it is very important to dust the dust accumulated at the top because it moves and falls on the furniture. It is best to do this without using water. However, a microfiber cloth soaked in warm water can be used.

2-Spray the place

After dusting the surfaces in each room, and before leaving it to dust the next room, use a pre-prepared water sprayer, to which is added a teaspoon of baking soda or water with a disinfectant such as Dettol. Spray in the air in all directions, and the aim of this step when cleaning the house is to use water droplets to remove dust and dirt suspended in the air to be fixed on the ground, so that you can pick them up with a vacuum cleaner.

3- Changing bed linens and furniture

Move from one room to another to change the bed sheets and fabrics that cover the furniture. You can also arrange the pillows on the sofa. And be careful to change it at least every week to ensure that bacteria are eliminated and that no viruses appear in your home.

4- Spray liquid detergent 

To facilitate cleaning, use liquid detergents for surfaces and let them interact with the surfaces first to dissolve stains or accumulations, especially in the bathroom, sinks, bathtubs and kitchens. And be careful to use a lot of disinfectants to get rid of germs that may be present on the surfaces, to prevent the transmission of bacteria to you or to a member of your family as soon as you touch anything in the house.

5- Room tidying

Bring a large box and put all the things that you want to move from one room to another in this box. Then go to the next room to take from the box what belongs to this room and vice versa. Repeat this process in all rooms until everything is in its proper place.

6-Polishing mirrors and glass

Use two microfiber cloths, one wet and one dry, to polish mirrors and glass surfaces around the house. Or you can use a cloth dampened with newspaper to avoid any traces on the surfaces. Because with a lot of contact without paying attention, bacteria begin to appear and spread. This is why an alcohol or chlorine disinfectant is used when cleaning.

7- Surface polishing

Polish the surfaces in the entire house, especially those that are subject to frequent touch, such as light buttons, door handles, telephones, and remote controls, with disinfectants. Because all of these things accumulate bacteria in abundance and are usually forgotten during cleaning. Also use wood polish (Bulledge) to clean the furniture and parquet, as it will give you a sense of cleanliness of the place quickly.

8- Kitchen and bathroom

You have previously sprayed suitable cleaning fluids in the kitchen and bathroom, which helped dissolve stains and clumps, and this will make cleaning them very easy, especially with the use of brushes or cleaning sponges as needed. And be careful to use chlorine and other disinfectants in cleaning, as it will help you kill bacteria.

9- Floor cleaning

You can wipe or scrub the floors in the house as needed, and it is preferable not to use the spaces in the kitchen and bathroom, at least in the corners. Rather, it is preferable to use small brushes and go down on the knee and hands to reach more efficiently the narrow and invisible areas.

10- Sweep the house with a vacuum cleaner

Use the vacuum cleaner to pick up all the remaining dust in the entire house from all floors.

11- Surface disinfection of bacteria

Take care of disinfecting all the surfaces of the house, including floors, tables, desks, even door handles, bathrooms, and basins. All this is done by adding 1/2 cup of chlorine to a bucket of water. The house is polished with it and left to dry automatically. And be sure to wear gloves and a mask while doing this task to ensure you protect yourself from any bacteria.

From time to time, disinfect the wiping tool that you use by soaking it in 1/2 cup bleach and a bucket of water for 15 to 20 minutes, to ensure that bacteria that can accumulate in the tool used for cleaning are killed.

12- Disinfection of children's toys from bacteria

If you have children and want to protect them from infection with any bacteria or diseases. You should pay close attention to collecting the plastic toys they have that do not have any electricity and put them in a large bucket of water and add 2 teaspoons of chlorine to it and leave for two minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water and let it air dry.

Attention: Make sure to wash children’s toys well so that chlorine does not remain on them.

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