Dry Cleaning of Sofas and Upholstery

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Dry cleaning of sofas and upholstery

In Al-lameah Company, we clean, polish, and do specialized dry cleaning for all types of fabrics, no matter how bad or unclean they are
That’s why we dry clean sofas, carpets, rugs and nooks and crannies inside the home
Steam cleaning company

How to steam clean sofas:
Initially, the tank of the device is filled with water and turned on to start producing steam. This method is characterized by its ability to clean different types of sofa fabrics and upholstery with high efficiency. It can also remove dirt and dust, regardless of its depth, without causing any harm if the device is used by the customer.
And you should know, dear customer, that each type of fabric has a specific cleaning method that differs from the other, in order to preserve it and to prevent damage in any way in the future.

Mold is also removed from the furniture, no matter how large it is, in order to have a healthy, healthy and wonderful mattress free of diseases and pests .

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